How to Add a Popup In WordPress – [Step by Step]

how to add popup in wordpress

A popup is a common way to promote and encourage conversions on your website. One of the most famous and effective popup types is the lightbox popup. Generally, a popup is displayed on the screen of a website customer who does not fill a form or, in other words, a new visitor. The biggest advantage … Read more

How to Set Up Recurring Payments In WordPress: (Easy guide)

set up recurring payments in WordPress

Recurring payments are a great way to have a steady stream of income coming in from your website. So do you want to collect recurring payments from your customers? You can set up a single-time or monthly recurring payments through PayPal on WordPress with just a few steps. However, setting up recurring payments on WordPress … Read more

How to Install WordPress Locally Using Xampp?

install WordPress locally

There are many significant reasons to install WordPress locally. Maybe you want to test a theme before uploading it to your live site, or maybe you need an isolated environment for testing plugins and other customizations. Whatever the reason, this is a simple guide on how to install WordPress locally using the Xampp software.  Benefits … Read more

How to Clean WordPress Database: Tips and Tricks

clean wordpress database

How many times have you been frustrated with a WordPress database that just won’t clean up? Well, this post is all about how to clean a WordPress database using plugins and some manual ways. Also, in this article, we’ll discuss the importance of cleaning a website’s database regularly as well as provide you with a … Read more

How to Add Auto Featured Image on WordPress? Step By Step Guide

auto featured image

Adding a custom-designed extra image as a featured image in a blog post is a boring task if you are a busy blogger. It’s more boring when you do the same task in every post.  That’s why now most WordPress popular themes have a feature to add a featured image automatically above/below the default post … Read more

WooCommerce Not Sending Emails: Easy Ways to Fix

WooCommerce Not Sending Emails

Are you struggling to fix WooCommerce not sending emails? Most often e-commerce store owners face this type of problem and it’s normal but frustrating. Truly, it’s a fact to worry about as your store’s reputation depends on the response and services customers receive from your shop. Indirectly this issue affects future orders because if the … Read more

How to Solve Defer Parsing of JavaScript on WordPress Site?

how to solve defer parsing of javascript on wordpress

Your best guide on how to solve defer parsing Of JavaScript on WordPress site. When you are handling a website, you want to make it as smooth as possible for the user. To do that, a lot of things have to be considered. Users expect a smooth experience with very little waiting time. Waiting time … Read more

How to Write Privacy Policy for Blogs? Step By Step Guides

how to write privacy policy for blogs

The business world of today now depends on data to great strength. It is also mostly dependent on the information that drives solid data to the searchers. This data is the structure for businesses that operate by processing those pieces of information to provide products and services to their clients. From a corporation’s perspective, everyone … Read more