Best 3 Typeform Alternatives In 2020

Surveys are essential to run a business, right? Whether it’s required at the beginning or while running a continuing business operation, surveys can play a vital role, which helps you to learn various kinds of factors’ impact on your business. And to make sure you have the best versatility offering tool to perform your online surveys or such, finding out the best Typeform alternatives is a must.

Typeform Alternatives
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In this review, we are going to take you to the journey of online survey-makers, form-builders, and quiz-originators. As a result, you will have absolutely zero level of stress to find out which Typeform alternative will serve your purpose the best. 

Typeform is one of the most prominent tools you can find to satisfy your business needs. On the other hand, it’s increasing price, frequently reducing offerings for free users, low focus on customer service are some of the reasons start-up owners and existing business owners are looking for better and cost-effective alternatives.

Top 3 Typeform alternatives

Let’s find out best 3 Typeform alternatives in 2020 below,

1. Paperform

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At the 1st position of our best 3 Typeform alternatives’ in 2020 list is Paperform. Paperform has gained a great deal of reputation in this industry by offering some excellent features. It is a digital platform that facilitates users to generate online forms swiftly without writing codes. Paperform is an attractive and punchy solution for all kinds of businesses available there. Let’s see its features, pros, and cons in details below,


  • Appointment option (arrangement/ booking)
  • Includes videos and images to forms
  • Question logic
  • Conditional and required questions
  • Template gallery
  • Custom pricing system
  • Custom languages
  • 20+ question categories
  • Price and product fields
  • Hidden and pre-filling Fields
  • Improved security (SSL encryption)
  • Automatically saving and resuming facility for respondents


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Code writing is not required.
  • Fields are configured as per requirement.
  • Zapier enables forms to connect with external applications.
  • Embedding helps to create user-friendly and trouble-free forms.
  • It has more than 20 field types to ensure you make the required queries.


  • Hasn’t come up with regular updates recently.

Pricing: Free trail/ starting from $12.50 per month.

*If you choose a yearly plan, you get the opportunity to save some bucks.

Get started with Paperform today.

2. JotForm

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As the quest continues, to find out the 2nd place of our best 3 Typeform alternatives’ in the 2020 list, we see JotForm. This is another excellent online platform to create and build forms in a more convenient and user-friendly way. It offers some fantastic features which you may think of a bag full of surprises. So, let’s find out JotForm’s features, pros, and cons below,


  • It lets you add assignees through individual email addresses.
  • It enables you to share your form with a link.
  • It allows you to create an expiration date and time. 
  • To ensure your form is accessed by the targeted individuals only, JotForm offers a sign-up process requiring email and password.
  • Assignees can also save their forms in drafts and complete those afterward. 
  • To complete the process in due time, you can always set up reminders.
  • Assignees can fill up and submit forms while they are even offline, as data will automatically get synced when their devices go online.
  • JotForm PDF editor allows you to edit, create forms more easily.
  • With over 110 payment form templates and more than 30 getaways, you can create payment form the way you need and collect payments to grow your business.
  • JotForm ensures a high level of privacy and security through 256 bit SSL (secure socket layer), encrypted forms, GDPR Compliance, CCPA Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, spam Protection.


  • The form builder is user-friendly.
  • Offers remarkable themes.
  • It does not require additional cost for redirecting links.
  • Versatile form building through customizability.


  • Few themes are not of admirable quality.

Pricing: Free/ Starting from $24/month

*You can spend less by choosing their yearly plan.

Get started with JotForm today.

3. SurveyMonkey

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Number 3 in our best 3 TypeForm alternatives’ in 2020 list is SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey has, for over the years of innovation and customer-centric approaches, become famous and reliable in this form building industry. As a result of its highly qualified management’s dedication and hard work, Survey Monkey is now one of the most accepted TypeForm alternatives. Below are the features, pros, and cons of SurveyMonkey,


  • Easy to set up feature makes it the most common TypeForm alternative.
  • Editing, removing, or adding questions are straightforward because of their templates.
  • Filtering and sorting help to perform convenient data analysis.
  • The data collection procedure is also available in SurveyMonkey Mobile Forms.
  • You have complete authority over your forms’ data.
  • Collecting and studying a vast amount of data. 


  • Easy to create a survey.
  • Data analysis oriented.
  • It helps to generate custom themes and includes logos.
  • User responsive interface.


  • Customizability is limited.

Pricing: Free/ Starting from $25/month

Get started with SurveyMonkey today.

Final Words:

Apart from the above mentioned best 3 Typeform alternatives’ in 2020, there are other form building platforms available. Through years of experience, we have come up with 3 TypeForm alternatives for you. But, we completely understand if you choose any other platform outside of this list.

To sum up, we can say there are many factors to keep in mind before finalizing the best form building platform. You have to be particular about the features required for your organizations’ surveys. Besides, the budget is also a critical factor, as more the fund available, more the features you will have. 

So, be thoughtful and well-acknowledged about all the requirements. Only then, the decision-making process will not be a hard nut to crack. “Happy Form Building”

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