Web Hosting Vs. Domain: The Best Explained for Beginners

If you are reading this article, then congratulations on making up your mind to build a website of yours! But you must have been scratching your head by now, thinking of what to do next.

An excellent friend of yours might have suggested you to buy a domain, and the gentleman next door has given you a link of a renowned web hosting website. You are too shy to tell people that you don’t know what web hosting is! and also, why do you even need to buy a domain for your website.

Web Hosting Vs Domain

If all of my predictions are correct or relatable with your present scenario, then you have come to the right spot.

Today we will be discussing what exactly a web hosting and the domain is, and why you need both of them before actually starting a website. So let us dig into the explanation now.

Web Hosting Vs Domain

Before starting the war, we should have a clear concept of both the topics real quick. Don’t worry; this is not rocket science, so you will get to know about them quite easily.

Web Hosting

Imagine that you want to build something; let us think of a building for instance. So, what are the necessary products or components you need to develop first?

Of course, bricks, steel frames, cement, design, paints, workers, and many more. Consider your website as a building or a house. Just like you needed various components to build a home, you need specific parts to make your website as well.

how web hosting works

After some hustle on the internet or with some professional help, you get all the things ready for your website. That’s great news! But still, you are having a hiccup.

The idea is again; people are not capable of seeing what the site is about. For that, you need to put your website on the internet. That’s why you need web Hosting; for the sole purpose of going online.

Web hosting means all the components of a particular website in an internet-accessible way or platform so that people can find it online.

Web Hosting companies give you space where you can upload your files of the website. They will add the data to the server, which is working 24/7 so that people can have access to it.

There are many prominent web Hosting sites available online. We are sharing the top five for you. Those are:


When you are searching for a website, then what do you do?

You simply open the web browser of your phone or the computer and type the name of the site or the URL on the URL bar. You have done this countless times in your life. But have you ever thought of this before? No, you have not, unfortunately.

The name you type on the URL bar of the web browser is a domain. Domain, Domain name, URL whatever you call it, it’s the same thing.

Domain extension

A Domain Name consists of two parts, and a dot separates both the sections. The left portion of the dot is your website’s name, and the latter is a domain extension.

So, if your domain name is ‘myfirsteverwebsite.com, your website’s name is ‘My First Ever Website,’ and the domain extension is .com There are many types of domain extensions available on the internet such as .com, .org, .co, .in, .us, etc.

So think it as an address of your website, of course. When you want a website, then you will have to assign an address to it.

Otherwise, people won’t be able to find it on the internet. The address is a series or strings of a number, which is also known as IP or Internet Protocol number. It usually goes like

All the websites have their personalized IP number. However, it is effortless for a computer to remember it. But people cannot remember that.

That’s where domain name comes into play. It is a name attached to an extension. So people will easily recognize it and can quickly reenter it some other time or place.

There are many ‘Big Dogs’ in the market that offers domain names to websites. One of the best domain registration company is Namecheap.

Difference between Web Hosting and Domain

The main difference between Web Hosting and Domain can be described in the following way. In this way, you will be clear about the war of web hosting Vs Domain.

Consider your website as your friend’s house in the town. Now you have never been there before. So you asked your friend to help you navigate your way to the destination. He gave you his address or the location on the map.

When you reached your goal, you saw that your friend’s house is a single-story house, with white paint on it and three windows on the front side along with an entrance door.

Now let us relate all this blabbering with a typical website. The address or the location of your friend’s house is your domain name. And the details or the components of the house are your website’s contents.

All the components are put together to build the house, so all the materials are put together and being hosted on a Web Site so that a visitor can see your website well decorated and organized, just the way you want them to see. But you must remember, both of them are needed for your website.

YouTube video

Final Thoughts

There will be a common question; do we need the hosting and domain from the same site? The answer is no. You can buy it from different sites. However, you need to assign them all together on your website.

But we highly recommend purchasing both hosting and domain from one company. Our best-recommended hosting company is Bluehost and a2hosting, but for the low budget, Namecheap is the best.

Anyways, that was all for today folks. Hoping to write more about other exciting things to spice your lives up.

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