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Mega Collection of WordPress Lifetime Deals

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You’re reading this deals post because you want to know how to get the most out of your  WordPress deals. Here’s a list of 22 plugins/tools that will help you do just that, and they all come with lifetime licenses! You can install them now and never worry about paying for them again. Plus, these are some of my favorite plugins so I’m confident they’ll work well for you too. 

Quick Chart of WordPress Lifetime Deals

SLWordPress DealsLifetime PriceRegularAction
1Stackable – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks$59$330Buy Now
2BackupGuard WordPress Plugin (1Year)$39$99Buy Now
3AMZ Image$49$400Buy Now
4EWWW Image Optimizer$49$240Buy Now
5Gumlet (1-Year)$39$110Buy Now
6wpDataTables$59$289Buy Now
7WP Reset$49$158Buy Now
8WP Legal Pages$47$198Buy Now
9Wp Social$39$186Buy Now
10Smart Quiz Builder$49$399Buy Now
11Brindle Booking$9$39Buy Now
12Exclusive Addons (Elementor Addon)$49$159Buy Now
13Voxpow$49$276Buy Now
14GuidePlugin$59$179Buy Now
15WordProof – Hobby Lite$49$659Buy Now
16QuickPop | WP Popup Builder$7$17Buy Now
17Master Addons (Elementor Addon)$17$49Buy Now
18KingSumo$49$228Buy Now
19WriterZen – Easy Content Creator for SEO$69$840Buy Now
20WriterAccess$49390Buy Now
21Nichesss Writing Tool$59$999Buy Now
22Sendinblue (1-year)$89$1068Buy Now

What Is a Lifetime License?

A lifetime license comes with a one-time fee, and then you can freely use it forever. Many WordPress plugins charge recurring fees to use their software like $39/month for example.

So a lifetime license means the user will never have to pay again. Not only does this keep a few bucks in your pocket but it also encourages you to utilize the plugin since it’s not going to cost anything.

Why Should I Buy One?

You should buy one because you want peace of mind. No matter how much traffic your website gets, it will always be free from malware and backdoors.

You also don’t need to worry about paying for upgrades or additional services.

How Do Lifetime Licenses Work?

The plugin author has made a deal with Appsumo so that you can get a lifetime license when you purchase it from the Appsumo WordPress store.

This means that you will never have to pay for an upgrade or worry about renewing your license in the future.

22 Tools/WordPress Plugins Lifetime License

I’ve compiled a list of 22-lifetime license plugins/tools for WordPress. All 22 are the best WordPress plugins available right now 2021. I personally use some of these plugins on a daily basis. They are highly effective and extremely useful!

(1) Stackable Lifetime License

Stackable is a Gutenberg Blocks and page builder plugin that has the ultimate collection of easy-to-use, beautiful and flexible Gutenberg blocks. With Stackable, you get 7+ different content elements to create amazing WordPress pages with no coding required whatsoever.

  • Stackable blocks offer a lifetime license that costs only $59 for your site, which means that you can install them now and never worry about paying for them again and again.

(2) BackupGuard 1-Year License

BackupGuard is the world’s easiest backup plugin that lets you backup and restores your database, files, dashboard widgets, and plugins in a snap! It backs up all the data that makes up your website – such as posts, pages, categories, tags, and more. You can even schedule automatic backups at regular intervals!

  • BackupGuard offers a 1-year license at only $39, which means that you’ll pay a one-time fee and won’t have to worry about renewals or future costs.

(3) AMZ Image Lifetime License

The AMZ Image WordPress Plugin allows you to quickly and easily add high-quality product images and videos from the #1 eCommerce site in the world named Amazon. It is the perfect plugin to boost earnings from your amazon affiliate sites. 

  • AMZ Image offers a lifetime license for a one-time payment of only $49. Simply add it to your cart now and keep the plugin forever. No monthly renewal costs or other fees are attached. This is an exclusive promotion just for my readers so hurry, don’t miss out!

(4) EWWW Image Optimizer Lifetime License

EWWW Image Optimizer makes it easy to run a batch image compression service on your WordPress website. A lot of images get lost in the shuffle and are never compressed, which can definitely cost you in page load times. But the EWWW optimizer plugin will easier image optimizing process for you automatically.

  • It offers a lifetime license for only $49, which is a great deal.

(5) Gumlet 1-Year License

This plugin reduces image sizes so that they load faster on your site and saves your time because you won’t have to resize them. It is the ultimate WordPress plugin for image optimization (reduces their size from 25KB to 5KB). All this is done automatically and hands-free, without any work on your part.

  • Gumlet offers a 1-year license at $39.

(6) wpDataTables Lifetime License

wpDataTables is a good plugin to create responsive tables, graphs, and charts for WordPress websites. It allows you to create tables, charts, and graphs with different styles using a variety of data sources like MySQL database, XML, or HTML files.

  • wpDataTables offers a lifetime deal that will cost $59.

(7) WP Reset Lifetime License

WP Reset plugin restores some of WordPress’s default functionality like; re-enables permalinks, removes most of the custom homepage widgets, and removes Jetpack by default. This plugin is optional to install, but I recommend it because it restores a lot of the functionality you lose when you go the free route with WordPress.

  • WP Reset offers a lifetime license for $49. You can install it now, and never have to pay for it again.

(8) WP Legal Pages Lifetime License

WP Legal Pages plugin makes adding legal text to your blog simple, fast, and secure. It is the best policymaker plugin for WordPress blogs. It is a very useful plugin to add copyright footer text in your blog which automatically appears on every page of your site. Also, with the help of this plugin, you can add Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and other legal pages like acceptable use policy or home cookie policy, etc.

  • It offers a lifetime license ($47) to all premium features at no extra cost!

(9) Wp Social Lifetime License

WP Social allows you to connect your site with the most popular social web services. It adds a simple button to display icons of all these services that can be used in any widget or template throughout the site, like posts, pages, sidebar, or footer area.

  • WP Social offers a lifetime subscription at only $39.

(10) Smart Quiz Builder Lifetime License

Smart Quiz Builder is a powerful plugin that can be used to create an interactive and engaging quiz for your blog. With more than 30+ question types, this plugin enables you to create quizzes in a number of formats, from simple multiple-choice to free-response style questions.

  • Smart Quiz Builder offers a lifetime license for a one-time payment of $49.

(11) Brindle Booking Lifetime License

Brindle Booking is a WordPress plugin that will add booking functionality to your WordPress website. You can create a full page for your appointments, create appointment categories with custom fields and shortcodes, generate beautiful pages for every single appointment category, and set up multiple price plans per appointment which will be available in the client area of your website.

  • Brindle Booking offers a lifetime license at only $9.

(12) Exclusive Addons: Elementor Addon Lifetime License

Exclusive Addon is a collection of Elementor addons that can make your life easier. Using this Exclusive addon of Elementor you can create an awesome-looking website in a matter of minutes. Blocks or widgets are very user-friendly and they are completely customizable according to your needs. You can create unique & professional layouts without any coding knowledge by using the Elementor Page Builder.

  • It offers a lifetime license at only $49, with no monthly or annual subscription payments!

(13) Voxpow Lifetime License

Voxpow is a WordPress plugin that gives your website speech recognition and voice commands. It works by using an API to convert your spoken words into text which is then sent to a specified URL and processed by plugins of your choice (e.g., you can have the plugin process search queries, send form submissions, or even make a phone call).

  • Voxpow offers a lifetime license for $49, which is a huge bargain considering this plugin normally costs $19/month.

(14) GuidePlugin Lifetime License

GuidePlugin is a powerful, all-in-one guide plugin for the Yii Framework. GuidePlugin is a clean and simple solution to creating documentation for your application or website. It can be easily extended by adding your own guides and customizing existing ones to suit your needs.

  • GuidePlugin offers a lifetime license at only $59.

(15) WordProof Lifetime License

WordProof is a WordPress plugin that protects your content from being taken out of context and reused. WordProof comes with three levels of protection, depending on the value you assign to your content.

  • WordProof offers a lifetime license for $49, but you can try the free version first to see if it suits your needs.

(16) QuickPop Lifetime License

QuickPop is a plugin that lets you build popups that do whatever you want them to in the WordPress dashboard. The QuickPop popup builder gives you full control over how your popups, overlay boxes, and other forms look on all devices. You can create multiple popups (or “forms”) that each have their own design, behavior, and goals. 

  • QuickPop offers a lifetime of free updates, including the ability to export all of your data and import it into a new site, for only $7.

(17) Master Addons Lifetime License

Master Addons is a WordPress Elementor addon that solely focuses on providing you with the best Elementor add-ons and plugins. In this addon, you will get a lot of premade elements that once applied to your website or landing page, allows you to instantly transform it into something that’s unique and different from other websites.

  • Master Addon offers a lifetime license at only $17.

(18) KingSumo Lifetime License

KingSumo is a giveaway marketing tool that enables you to create giveaways and host them on your website. Anyone can run KingSumo competitions, which are super easy to set up and promote. You also have the option of embedding your giveaway on your Facebook page.

  • KingSumo offers a free trial which includes 3 giveaway bonuses. To unlock your giveaways, you need to buy a subscription plan. Right now you can purchase a KingSumo lifetime license at $49.

(19) WriterZen Lifetime License

WriterZen is a pioneer toolset that explores precise keywords, accurate topics, and relevant content references within minutes! WriterZen has been the fastest growing Content Marketers’ App on the market. It is good for both bloggers and business owners.

  • WriterZen offers a lifetime license at $69.

(20) WriterAccess Lifetime License

WriterAccess was founded in 2014 with a vision to revolutionize the way content was being created by connecting writers with those who need content. WriterAccess is an AI-based platform that matches freelance writers to content projects and enables their clients to scale up or down their production process at ease.

  • WriterAccess offers a lifetime subscription at $49.

(21) Nichesss Lifetime License

Nichess is a content writing tool that helps you create SEO-friendly content in less than 5 minutes. With a simple interface, it is very easy to use. The software gets data from different databases and makes a blog post out of it.

  • Nichess offers a lifetime subscription at $59.

(22) Sendinblue 1-Year License

Sendinblue offers an all-in-one email marketing platform to businesses of all sizes. With the Sendinblue email marketing tool, you can create emails for newsletters and drip campaigns, publish them online or via mobile apps, and monitor their performance. All your emails are handled in one place, so you can develop marketing strategies that deliver quickly and consistently.

  • You can subscribe to a 1-year plan for only $89.

FAQs of WordPress Lifetime Deals

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