Let’s Review: Smart WordPress Review & Rating Plugin

Let's Review

If you are running an eCommerce website or an affiliate blog, you must include a review or rating section for potential products. It is one of the key selling points that entice customers to purchase your product through your affiliate link. You can use free plugins or even paid plugins, but you should use the … Read more

FeedHive Review (2022): AI-Powered Social Media Engagement Tool

FeedHive Review

Social Media has become a crucial part of any company or organization that wants to improve sales and reach more customers. Nowadays, the impact of social media is very much on every person across the globe. You’ll hardly find anybody who doesn’t use social media. So, social media is everywhere. It’s at the fingertips of … Read more

Novashare Review (2022): Advanced Social Share Plugin for WordPress

novashare review

Nowadays, everything is influenced by social media. Blogging is no exception. By sharing the right content with the right audience, you can garner much exposure immediately. Moreover, it represents the most effective way for new bloggers to gain traffic while competing with big websites. At this point, there is very little chance that you will … Read more

WP Reset Review (2022) WordPress Reset and Backup Plugin

wp reset review

You may be a WordPress developer or a user troubleshooting a website or someone unfamiliar with the WordPress platform. You have messed up the site but require a reset. Unfortunately, if you intend to do this by repeatedly navigating to the WordPress dashboard, you will need to spend hours doing so. Besides, some plugins add … Read more

How to Optimize Images For WordPress [Ultimate Guide]

how to optimize images for wordpress

If you have a WordPress site, you are aware of the difficulties of maintaining it. Sometimes you may spend hours on something that should take only minutes to accomplish. This may occur if your site is slow and bloated due to too large or poorly optimized images. In addition, using search engine optimization techniques will … Read more

How to Customize WordPress Dashboard (Admin Interface) In a Super Fast Way?

how to customize wordpress dashboard

You can customize your dashboard by changing and arranging widgets and menus accordingly. With a few clicks of the mouse, it’s possible to customize your WordPress dashboard’s menus, sidebar widgets, and posts area, and more! As a result of customizing your dashboard, the content will be organized in a way that best suits you or … Read more

13 Top Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Top Affiliate Programs For Beginners

No matter what type of internet marketer you are, affiliate programs are the best way to increase your income. It is the future of both physical and digital marketing. This is why many people are starting to do affiliate marketing and searching for the best affiliate programs.  When you’re just starting out in the online … Read more

Canva Vs Indesign: Which Is The Best?

Canva Vs Indesign

As a beginner in graphics design or marketing, you need to have the most appropriate application at your disposal. This will enable you to work on and meet your clients’ needs and the public’s demands. Social media has become highly competitive nowadays, particularly when it comes to bold and graphical marketing. You should have the … Read more

Asset CleanUp Review: A Plugin For Boosting Speed In WordPress!

asset cleanup review

WordPress sites require much work to maintain. As a result, an owner of a site can quickly become overwhelmed and end up with a cluttered site that is slow or even inaccessible. Asset CleanUp can help prevent this from happening. You can boost your WordPress site’s performance by cleaning up your unnecessary assets. The optimization … Read more