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WP Legal Pages Pro Review (2022): #1 WordPress Privacy Policy Generator Plugin

WordPress is the most used platform for creating websites. If you want to create a new website like a cooking recipe, blog, online store, or any other site, you need a privacy policy page. There are specific rules and regulations you need to follow.

For maintaining your website legally, you should add some legal information on your site. You can generate this legal information from an online privacy policy tool or a plugin. WP legal pages pro is one of the best plugins for generating any type of legal information of WordPress site automatically.

In this post I will share WP legal pages pro review for you that let you know about this plugin and how it works and its benefits.

Hold on a second. I know there are a lot of things going inside your mind right now. The first question hovering inside your head is, what are the rules and regulations? The next question is, who made those? I will break that out for you. Just sit back and relax!

You are publishing your content on a website. So, what it means that your ideas and thoughts will showcase you. But there is a hiccup. I want something to find on the internet. So, what will I have to do?

I would simply search on a popular search engine like Google or Bing. Now, to get proper access to the online world, you need to follow specific rules and regulations. The Federal Government imposes these rules and regulations. And search engines and other publishing platforms have maintained those.

I pretty well know that we do not read the terms and conditions properly. That might not be a problem as an individual. At least for general purposes. But when you publish something online or maintain a website, then the ball game changes to a whole new level.

The terms and conditions will choke you down if something violates them. In worst cases, you might end up facing a penalty trial by Google. You don’t want that. And facing a problem is not a cakewalk at all.

WP Legal Pages Pro

What Will You Do Now?

As things are not the same as before. You are worried, What can you do now? Simple. Read all the aspects and shades of all the terms and conditions of the Federal Department. But if you spend all the time reading those who will work on the website?

That is why you will need an assistant. Yes, not just any assistant, you need a legal assistant. Now, hiring a lawyer is useful. But is it worth it? In straight answers, nope. Then what should you do? I have just the thing you need. I give it to you, WP Legal Pages Pro!

Suppose you read all the legal aspects of famous sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other ones. Now, what is your experience? And the question may have in your mind how they have written? The easy solution is to use wp legal pages pro plugin.

For those who are new to the WordPress plugin that you tag along with your website. These plugins will help you maintain and modify the websites for better productivity.

In this ‘WP Legal Pages Pro Review,’ I will review such a plugin working as a virtual lawyer. It will save you from getting into a mess with the big dogs of the online world in simple words. I think it is a life savior.

Now, the best feature is the ease of access. As you have seen before, it will take an eternity to maintain. But WP Legal Pages pro will do this for you within just 5 minutes! Yes, you read it right!

The installation process is straightforward. First, download the zip file of the plugin from the plugin’s official website (WP legal pages pro is a premium plugin, so you have to buy it).

Then go to your WordPress dashboard & Navigate to Plugins then Add new. Just like a normal plugin installation process.

WordPress plugin install

There will be an ‘Upload Plugin’ button. Simply click on that add upload the downloaded zip file. The installation process will automatically start. When the installation is finished, activate the plugin for your website.

The plugin will not work until you will activate its license key. To activate the license key, simply go to the WordPress setting and click on the WordPress Legal Page Activation.

WordPress Legal Page Activation.

Now enter your API key and product ID, which you will get from the plugin’s account dashboard.

You will get another option that you can use to deactivate your license.

Note: You will need to install the Privacy Policy Generator, Terms & Conditions Generator WordPress Plugin to run the WP Legal Pages Pro.

As, it is a privacy policy plugin. So, you can use it to maintain all the legal and privacy-related pages. All it needs is just a few clicks. There are specific criteria that are required to be held strictly. I will describe some of the key features below.

Guided Wizard

This is a special feature of this plugin. It helps you set up or customize any sort of legal disclaimer with no hustle. This is a unique feature that makes this plugin stand out from the crowd.

Data Sections

Using a cookie bar, you can easily create a cookie bar with just a click. It allows you to set your Cookie title and customize default content to your own cookies content. If you want, you can decorate the cookie bar using its custom CSS maker. It will show a fully customizable cookie consent notice on your website’s bottom area when a new visitor will come. The Cookie bar reduces installing a Cookie bar showing plugin separately to your website.

WP Legal Pages Pro Review (2022): #1 WordPress Privacy Policy Generator Plugin 1

It is another feature to show a popup legal page. You can easily create a popup legal page using its pre-build template, even using its shortcode.

Just simply select your desired legal page template from the left template’s menu, then write your popup notice or legal content and finally hit the save button. Also, you have the option to delete & edit your popup.


In the General setting, there are lots of customizing parts to create professional and accurate legal page documents. Also, with just the drag-and-drop feature, you can define which legal pages will be shown in search engines. 

Another best part of the setting page is a shortcode that you can use anywhere on the page. Even it auto-generates information where possible while creating a legal page.

General Settings

Another best feature is creating legal page templates for future use. But you will get ready-made templates to use on your site according to your business model and need. But if you want, you can create custom, legal, or privacy page templates for future using.

The WP Legal Pages Pro comes with several templates. Almost 40+ different templates are already available in this plugin. Click here to see the full features.

Now, we will be discussing some of the coolest templates that come with the premium subscription.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy depends on the data you share. If the data gets contaminated, then your position is vulnerable. That is why you need some protection and assurance as well. When you are a user of a specific website, then the website will have to assure you about your protection,?

WP Legal Pages Pro assists you to set the Privacy Policy for your website. Just a few clicks.

Example Privacy Policy


If you are dealing with US Citizens, then this might come in pretty handy for you. Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a US Government state law that addresses the difficulties of the citizen who are facing internet service provider-related occurrences. This plugin will allow you to set the disclaimer as well.

Refund Policy Generator

If you are doing business through your WP website, then this is a must-have template for you. This will make a Refund policy to clarify between users and customers beforehand.

Your site uses various cookies that help your website to run smoothly. But there are certain barriers that you need to follow. Privacy Laws, GDPR needs to use cookie policies if they are sending specific cookies to the receiver’s end.

Anti-Spam Policy

This is probably a must-have disclaimer if you have a website that receives a lot of contexts and emails over the time span. This will help you create a strong policy against Spam.

Example of Antispam content

When you use an external link to another website for reference. Try to avoid any conflict and use the link peacefully, you should have a written policy. This plugin will set that page if you have premium access.

California Policy (CCPA)

If you are dealing with citizens from the US territory, especially from the folks from California, then this is a must-have privacy policy. California Consumer Privacy Act ensures the protection of the privacy of Californian Citizens.

Not those features and templates are available, there are other features and over 40+ templates that will be full fill your need. But these are some features that are more unique, making this plugin a must-have for your WP website.

WP Legal Pages Pro allows you to create any legal pages using two ways one is Wizard another is to create a page.

WP Legal Pages Pro Wizard

Using the Wizard option, you can create unlimited pages of Privacy Policy (GDPR), Terms and Conditions, CCPA, Returns & Refunds Policy, Impressum, etc. Also, you can add business-based custom privacy content using just one click tick mark. All templates are unique and well structured, even nicely designed.

Besides, you have another option to create over 30+ privacy pages of your WordPress site using the create page option. Just simply go to WP Legal Pages Pro and click on the Create Pages, then select your business/website-based template name, and finally, hit the publish button.

WP Legal Pages Pro Templates

The plugin will automatically create a legal page for you that will find in the WordPress page section. You can edit any time these pages, even if the plugin is deactivated.

WP Legal Pages Pro is a popular WordPress privacy policy and legal page generation plugin that comes with only $39/year for a single site, $79/year for 5 sites, and $99/year for 10 sites. With this price, you will get automatic plugin updates and premium support (including help documents).

WP Legal Pages offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if it does not satisfy you and its features.

If you want to create advanced and professional legal pages for your WordPress site, then WP Legal Pages Pro will be the best choice for you. Alternatively, you can use the Termsfeed tool. I hope you have enjoyed the WP Legal Pages Pro Review.

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