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WP Reset Review (2022) WordPress Reset and Backup Plugin

You may be a WordPress developer or a user troubleshooting a website or someone unfamiliar with the WordPress platform. You have messed up the site but require a reset.

Unfortunately, if you intend to do this by repeatedly navigating to the WordPress dashboard, you will need to spend hours doing so.

Besides, some plugins add custom CSS or JS code which you cannot delete even after uninstalling the plugin. You do not want to lose all of your data just to reset the entire system, do you? Even, if you make a backup and re-upload backup files, the issue may still exist, and your efforts will be in vain.

There are other scenarios, such as website staging, when shifting from one layout to another. WP Reset Plugin offers an all-in-one solution to simplify all of these situations.

The purpose of this article is to share my real experience with this plugin and how you can use it at various stages of your business.

First, let us take a quick look at WP Reset before diving into details if you are not familiar with this plugin.

What Is WP Reset?

WP reset plugin

WP Reset is a WordPress development project tool that both developers and non-developers can use, but it is beneficial since it can be used in many different ways. It is a plugin that will increase the speed of your deployment and can help you test and recover with one click of a button.

Another excellent aspect of its frequent updates is that it includes all the features you require to accomplish your goals. Furthermore, the plugin is also affordable for its performance due to its uniqueness.

What will be deleted or reset?

The plugin can remove files and databases at 3 different levels, which I will discuss soon, but this is a shortlist of what the plugin will reset.

  • Post, Custom Post, Categories, Pages, Media, Users, Comments
  • All files, media that is uploaded but not in use
  • All Plugins that are installed or default in the WP dashboard
  • Delete all WP databases and Any custom database that falls in the wp-config.php(any database named with wp_ prefix, e.g., wp_anyting).

What won’t be deleted or reset?

  • Admin User
  • Site Title, Site Address, WP Address, Search Engine Visibility, Timezone
  • Database that is not included in the wp-config.php

How does it work?

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how this plugin works.

Step 1: Install the plugin from the WP repository( WP Reset Free Version) or Download it from WP Reset’s official website.

Step 2: Activate the plugin.

Step 3: Navigate to tools and select ” WP Reset

Step 4: Scroll down and choose any reset method of your choice

Step 5: Type “reset” on the box and hit the reset button

Step 6: Confirm the action and wait for the plugin to reset everything

Core Features of WP Reset Plugin

Emergency Recovery Script

emergency recovery script

Emergency Recovery Script is a lifesaver feature of this plugin. After the installation is complete, the popup widget will suggest installing the script immediately when accessing the settings page.

You can install the script from there or choose to install it later. To do that later, you will need to go to the “Support” tab in the WP Reset Menu and “Enable the emergency recovery script.”

WP reset support

You will get a custom link and password that you should save somewhere. Then, when your website has been compromised due to accidental deletion of files or as a result of a hacking attack, you can retrieve all your files from the link of the last backup.

The following link is used to disable and activate plugin modules and the active theme on your site. You can also view the core files if something has been damaged or lost. Furthermore, you can create a new administrator user without logging in.

Resting The Site

On the first tab of the WP Reset Menu, you will find the Reset option. From here, you have three different options for reset. I will explore them one by one.

on click resting
  • Options Reset: This is a fundamental reset of your website. It will remove all widgets, transients and deactivate all plugins on your website. However, this plugin will not remove any of your posts, pages, or plugins.
  • Site Reset: It will remove all posts and plugins from the site. Additionally, the plugin will delete the default WP database and tables from your hosting account.
  • Nuclear Reset: This will clear all the data on your website. It will even delete your WordPress default settings. WP Reset will not modify admin user and site settings such as URLs.

WP Reset Tools Tab

On the Tools tab, you will find all tools resting in one place. This is useful if you do not wish to reset the entire site but instead check each section separately.

wp reset tools tab

Here is a brief overview of which tools are used for what purposes and how they function.

  • Reset Theme Options: This will reset all settings of your active theme. It does not stop on the active theme.
  • Delete transients: If you do not know what is transient, then let us explain that WordPress will use temporary data storage for any modification. Once the website has been updated, the temporary data will expire. The plugin will remove all existing and expired temporary data.
  • Purge Cache: This function will delete all cache from the database. The plugin works with WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, WP-Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, Endurance Page Cache, SiteGround Optimizer, WP Fastest Cache, and Swift Performance work very well with each other.
  • Delete Local Data: If you click on this, all the user data will be removed from your local storage, and on the next refresh, you will be logged out.
  • Reset User Roles: It will remove all custom users except Admin.
  • Delete Content: This tool will remove all the pages, posts, comments, and categories you have on the website.
  • Delete Widget: Reset and Modifies Widgets
  • Delete Themes: Reset and remove all active and inactive installed themes.
  • Delete Plugins: Delete all the plugins with their data.
  • Delete MU-Plugins and Drop-ins: MU means “must use.” WP will come with pre-installed scripts that you can’t remove from the control panel. With WP Reset, you will be able to remove all of them.
  • Clean Upload Folder: It will remove all images, pdfs, and other files you uploaded from the host.
  • Clean WP-contents Folder: It resets all the folders WordPress autogenerates on your domain
  • Switch WP Version: This feature is not very useful since you can only update to a newer version of WordPress, but you can revert to an older version, nothing more than a plugin update.
  • Delete .htaccess: You can delete your .htaccess file with this plugin. But you should just edit it with WP htaccess Editor if you need to.

WP Reset Snapshot

One of the most interesting features of this plugin is the Snapshot. You can either take a complete backup of your site after each update or automatically set it to do so. Upon every update, the plugin will backup the updated database.

What is the purpose of Snapshot?

When you make changes to your website, for example: updating plugins, changing settings, the Snapshot takes a new backup. To determine what is active and disabled after the changes, you can compare the latest and previous snapshots.

How to use Snapshot?

From the WP Reset Menu, select the Snapshot tab and scroll down a little. Now click on Create Snapshot, and a popup will appear. Enter a name for the Snapshot and click Create.

wp reset snapshot

Now you can compare the last Snapshot you took with the site’s current snapshot. To do so, you need to click on the Action button on the Snapshot and select “Compare Snapshot to Current Data.

create snapshot

If you are experiencing problems with your website, you can check the last time it was changed. Then, you can choose the last Snapshot and work from there rather than resetting everything. Your current Snapshot will remain unchanged.

wp reset db table compared

WP Reset Collection

Whenever you have issues or get messed up with your website, you spend most of your time reinstalling your favorite plugins.

With WP Reset, you can select a set of plugins from your installed plugin section and add them to your collection. Then, every time you reset your site, you can reinstall all the plugins with just one click.

How to use the collection?

Click the “Add new collection” button, name it, and WP Reset will store it on their cloud platform. In addition, it is possible to add all your favorite plugins on a list, which will be added as zip files.

wp reset collection

WP Reset Cloud

What is better than a single backup? Certainly multiple backups. Cloud technology represents the “better” alternative.

In general, you can trust your host, but taking extra precautions is never a bad idea. For example, you can store your snapshots directly on cloud platforms. As a result, you can retrieve entire data from your website if something were to happen to your host.

WP Reset Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and pCloud are supported to store snapshots. To use the WP Reset cloud, you must have a license for WP Reset Pro.

This feature aims to save your website data and save the files in zip format. As such, you can simply restore all files at any time using the WP Reste plugin, and your website is ready for use.

White Label Option

You can integrate the plugin into your website as an internal feature. After you click on this, the logo links for the plugin are stored in the web factory and will be removed, making the plugin part of the website.

WP Reset Price

This plugin is available at three different price points.

wp reset price

The 39-dollar license is valid for one website and does not include the License Manager and White Label Options. Therefore, you can use it only on one website and may not use it on any other website until you deactivate it on the current website.

All of the 79$ Team Package features are included, except the White Label Option and 5 licenses for plugins and the WP Cloud service.

In addition, if you have an agency, then going with the 149$ plan is the best way to handle 100 websites of your clients and get 20 licenses for the WP Cloud Service.

Note– If you really want to buy this plugin, you can grab its lifetime offer which costs only $49/lifetime for 10 sites. This is a huge discount right now.

FAQs Related to WP Reset WordPress Plugin

Is the WPR Cloud store for a lifetime?

Yes, WP reset cloud will store your files forever, so you can access them at any time if you have access to your WP Cloud account.

Will it automatically delete your files?

WP reset cannot automatically delete your files. Instead, you must type the word “reset” and confirm by clicking the reset button for a manual reset.

Final Verdict of WP Reset Review

WP Reset is more than just a backup and resets plugin. This is one of the best developer tools for beginners and sole proprietors of websites. You can access all the website data in one place and change it according to your needs. Then, if something goes wrong, you can simply restore it all with one click.

Every website owner has a great deal of concern for the site they have built with so much effort. So, if you don’t want to lose or spend much time fixing your 100-page website, I recommend trying for backup and resetting purposes.

If you do not like the plugin, you are entitled to a 7-day refund.

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