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Top 5 WP Theme Detectors In 2020

You might be wondering how these excellent WordPress webmasters get their awesome websites designed as they are just breathtaking. You might think of making a WordPress website for yourself as well. But when you start to search for a suitable theme, you start scratching your head. 

Don’t worry! That happens, we have gone through the same road. But one thing you do know! You loved the website you browsed this morning. That theme will look just about perfect on your website as well. But you don’t know the name of the theme! Are you feeling lost again? Don’t you worry, my friend! I present to you the WP Theme Detector! So rock music in the background.

What is a WP Theme Detector & Why Do We Need It?

So what is a WP Theme Detector? A WP cms theme detector is a tool or plugin in WordPress that allows you to know about the theme which is used in a particular WordPress Website. 

WP Theme Detector

It is a life savior when you are dying to use the same thing, which is on your favorite WordPress Website.  

There are a lot of options when you are willing to pick a theme detector and trace down the desired theme from the desired website. 

However, we will be describing the top 5 WP theme detectors in the business as per 2020 is concerned. So do stick with us because the ride is gonna be awesome!

Top 5 WP Theme Detector In 2020

The Top 5 WordPress Theme Detector as of the year 2020 is:

  • IsItWP
  • ScanWP
  • WP Theme Detector
  • SoftwareFindr
  • What WP Theme Is That

So as we have known the names. Let us get to know how they work and what the highlights of the said detectors are.

1. IsItWP

isitwp WP Theme Detector

IsItWP is more than what you think. It is a complete package in the WP world. As we speak, it not only detects the theme but also detects whether the website is WP based or not, what the hosting is and what are the plugins currently used. 

So it is basically the metal detector in the airport which can detect almost everything, from a hairpin to a grenade!

The UI of this detector is pretty simple yet very reliable. You will have to input the domain name of the desired website and click on  the analysis button. The tool will do the rest. It will show you all the information about the site and using plugins. 

The best part for me is that it will also provide the links to download the particular plugin for you. Isn’t it cool!

2. ScanWP

ScanWP WP Theme Detector

ScanWP is another effective simple WP detector available on the internet. It is just as simple as IsItWP, but it has some extra ability to detect more plugins than the previous one. 

First, you will need to enter the domain name and then press identify. And the work is done for you. It is as simple as that!

When you hit the detect button, you will be directed to the details of your desired website. You will be able to see the hosting description, URL, price, and author. By some click, you can even generate a search in Google of the detected plugins and find out more about the pricing as well. This is very effective as it is commonly used all around the globe.

3. WP Theme Detector

WP Theme Detector

WP Theme Detector is a dedicated platform for WP Stalkers, where they can find details about the theme and the plugins of the desired website. This particular is a little different from the previous ones as it is just orientated to finding the themes and the plugins.

You need to enter the domain name and hit the flashy green button. The results are fragmented into four portions; the Parent-Theme, Child Theme, Theme Provider, and the Detected Plugins. 

The Parent theme is the main theme used in the website, and the Child theme is considered as the supporting theme. The detected plugins are the ones that are used on the WordPress website. 

4. SoftwareFindr


The name might be enough to define why this tool is for. SoftwareFindr is a popular platform where you can basically know about the software or plugins used in a WordPress Website and all the details associated with it. First of all, you will have to enter the domain name and then click search.

The platform will be doing the rest for you. And I must tell you the search results are right on the money. It will show you all the plugins and the WP themes used in the desired Website. The stand out feature of this platform is that it will show the full details of the used theme, the version, the tags, author name, license, and even the small sections, which is pretty awesome!

5. What WP Theme Is That

WordPress Theme Search

So as we move down to the bottom of our list, we have saved perhaps the easiest one for the last. ‘What WP Theme Is That’ is a simple platform to detect the WordPress theme used in a particular WP Website. But why am I saying this one as the easier one? All the other detectors are also input and go! So why is this one special? Let me break that for you.

The reason is the user interface. It is ad-free, and does not want you to review the plugins. The Interface is simple and fresh. That is why I love this one the most. Some of you will be scratching their heads. But imagine that you are entering a website which is neat and clean! You get my point, right!

Anyways, as you have guessed it already, this is also to input the domain name and hit detect. It will show you the used themes and the plugins of the particular WP Websites. 

Alternative WordPress Theme Detectors

So that was the top 5 WordPress Theme Detectors available online. There are some honorary mentions like: 

  • Satori Studio
  • WordPress Theme Detector and Plugins Detector
  • CodeInWP

These are some excellent theme detectors as well, which can also fulfill your desires.

Wrapping Things Up!

As we are walking towards the end, I would like to say that this article will help the Newbies, the new and fresh minds who are willing to enter the WP world. My aim is to make their journey much more comfortable and hustle free so that they can enjoy the best experience in the WordPress World.

So, my message is to the next big shots, don’t just sit on the couch and surf the internet idly. Be the change you want to make. Get up and start building your first ever WordPress Website. Always remember, the world is still there to listen to what you say. All you need is to stand up to the podium and speak. And when you talk, speak your heart out. Adios! 


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