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WPBakery Vs Elementor(2022): Which Is Better?

Today, you don’t need days of coding in order to make a fully functional website. Since WordPress came on the scene, the website creation process has become much more visual. The drag and drop editors have added new functions every day and make people want more.

In the beginning, these editors were just tools to help make changes or add small designs to the website. Nowadays, you can find them competing with custom code sites. 

Elementor and WPBakery are the two most commonly used drag and drop builders. Both have an active community. However, if you are trying to determine which one you should use, I’ve got you.

I will try to provide the best comparison between these two page builders. Here, you will find a comparison of the pros, cons, and unique features of both.

WPBakery Vs. Elementor: Overview

Let me first briefly explain how both plugins work.

They both support WordPress, and millions of websites utilize them for different purposes.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a drag-and-drop WordPress page builder. This tool was developed by an Israeli Web Development Company, and from then on it grew in popularity among the WordPress community.

Elementor plugin

This is one of the simplest page builder plugins for WordPress. Newbies and web developers alike can benefit from the features of this plugin. 

Although Elementor offers a pro version, the free version is jam-packed with features as well. You can choose from hundreds of templates, widgets, and use a very intuitive interface. 

Using Elementor, you can create a complex design website with little effort. What makes it fun is that you do not need any coding skills to accomplish those things.

It is easy to use and integrates with other plugins that make it easier for your website to build visually more appealing. 

What is WPBakery?

WPBakery is a frontend and backend editor plugin for WordPress. Previously it was known as Visual Compressor, but now it is a standalone plugin.

WPBakery Page builder

One of the first drag-and-drop page builders for WordPress. It does not require any coding knowledge to design any web page using WordPress CMS.

If you like Gutenberg, the WordPress editor, then you will love WPBakery. It combines a regular WordPress editor and a drag-and-drop website builder.

You need to click on the plus (+) icon in order to add new widgets. If you want to edit, it will appear as a popup that you can change.

WPBakery Vs. Elementor: Pros & Cons

Every tool has some benefits and some shortcomings that make it more useful. These two are no exception. Below are what I liked and what I think could be improved.

Elementor Pros:

  • Comes in both free and paid subscription
  • Easy to understand User-Friendly UI
  • Full with Templates and Blocks (100+ WordPress templates and 300+ blocks)
  • Offers responsive design tools for Desktop, Mobile and Tablets
  • Coming Soon and Under Construction page, comes inbuilt
  • Supports Multiple languages and translation
  • Works on any theme
  • Complete control on customization
  • The live preview allows checking each change on the go
  • No need to add shortcodes for lock-in and no critical code on uninstall

Elementor Cons:

  • No white label is available
  • Customization is limited on header footer

WPBakery Pros :

  • Both front-end and back-end editor
  • Works on multiple themes
  • Drag and drop is much more flexible 
  • A great number of templates and widgets
  • Supports Translation and Multilanguage

WPBakery Cons:

  • No free trial
  • Takes time to adapt to the use
  • Sometimes the customization feels overwhelming
  • On uninstall or lock-in leaves shortcodes that mess with the overall website.

UI Comparison Between WPbakery Vs. Elementor: 

In the following, I have shown the differences between the two plugins. However, I think you should consider the deeper comparisons I experienced with them.

User Interface

When it comes to page builders, the most important feature is the UI. Let’s start with the UI.


Elementor is the sixth most popular plugin within the WordPress repository. It earns its ranking due to its impressive user interface.

Elementor page edit UI

The left-hand sidebar contains all the features, and the rest of the screen allows you to add or edit the website. The frontend editor gives you the flexibility to change elements independently without interfering with others. 

Inline editing makes it more like a word editor than a website builder. You can search in the sidebar for what you need and drag it to wherever you want. You can edit the spacing and layout and add multiple columns.

Elementor Interface

WPbakery UI

With WPbakery, you can design your website both on the front and back ends. Alternatively, you can edit the page by viewing it live or doing it from WordPress dashboard mode. You can add elements by clicking (+) add an icon.

Click on it, and it will appear on the layout. If you click on a popup, you can edit its elements.

WP Bakery page edit UI

Features Comparison Between WPbakery Vs Elementor

When it comes to feature pack tools, both plugins are the best. They have some similar features and some that are unique. Next, I will compare their similar features, and then share some of the differences between them.


Elementor’s free version offers 53 free elements that you can add and 70+ for Elementor Pro.

Elementor basic elements

The basic elements allow you to create headings, paragraphs, columns, spacers, and many other types of elements. You can also add Google Maps.

There are many reasons why we need to use HTML or shortcodes on our page or website. With Elementor, you can do that without getting lost in the ocean of codes. 

You can access the most basic media settings in the free version as well. You can create a basic gallery, carousel, or even add video from other sources. 

However, you must get a premium subscription if you want to make advanced changes like dynamic headings, post page design, and WooCommerce editing.

Elementor post page elements

You can design your eCommerce store products with a premium Elementor subscription. Premium version allows you can add a custom title for the product, a rating feature, and a menu cart design. 

You can also design WooCommerce pages, add related products manually, and more. Elements free allows list of products using post grids, but Elements pro offers product grids separately.

Elementor woocommerce elements

Whearers, WPbakery offers more than 50 elements, including WooCommerce features. With the help of its drag and drop editor, you can add a text block, social media buttons, call to action, or even WordPress widgets as well.

WP Bakery elements

Aside from inbuilt elements and widgets, both plugins come with a lot of addons that can help you customize more flexibly. Essential Addons for Elementor and Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder are two popular addons for each. 

Pre-Made Templates

It is a lifesaver for any website designer or developer to have pre-made templates. If you need a website built quickly and do not have an instant design in mind, then you might be stuck with no option. You can find templates that make the process easier by adding or editing them.

There are 30 templates and blocks in total in the free plugins of Elementor, and 300+ in the pro version.

Elementor pre-made templates

You can create a beautiful hero section, contact us section, and body section with these blocks. Also, Elementor Pro lets you create a custom 404-page that might help you keep your visitors.

Elementor template library

You can also create landing pages. Not only these, but you can also create a complete website by clicking 4 to 5 times. It includes a home page, about us, contact form, and anything else you need.

In this regard, WPBakery is not far behind. It comes with 85 blocks and 100 premium templates that you can use to design a beautiful website.

WP Bakery template library

You can add your portfolio, photographs, or previous work. Also, a call to action section is a great way to encourage a visitor to take action. WPBakery has an individual block that makes it easy to create that on your website.

Header Footer Editor

The header and footer are both part of a theme. You cannot launch a WordPress website without a theme. If you want to change anything in the theme, either you go into the theme customization or editor settings.

When the item is in the customization settings, you can still change it hassle-free. When the item is in the editor, you need to know how to code to make changes.

It is usually not possible to edit header and footer codes using visual editors. But Elementor Pro will allow you to edit the header and footer in a visual editor. So you won’t need to mess with the theme code.

Elementor makes it entirely editable for you.

WPBakery does not have this feature. You will pay for a premium plugin, but it lacks a feature. This is disappointing. However, you can add Visual Compressor Website Builder as an additional plugin.

Styling And Customization

Elementor handles styling and customization on the left tab in real-time. On the left sidebar, you can adjust the size of an image, the background color, the font family, and much more.

Elementor customization option

Using the advanced settings, you can change the padding animations and add custom CSS as well.

WPBakery has these features in its popup settings. You can set images, image sizes, animations, custom CSS, etc In the general settings.

Also, the design tabs contain the padding and coloring settings. Additionally, you can add margin from here. One thing to remember is to check the design after you change it instead of live editing.

WP Bakery customization option


There are a number of email marketing, CRM, social media, and other integrations that Elementor supports. Among these are

  • Facebook SDK
  • HubSpot, Zapier
  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Discord, Drip
  • Font Awesome 5
  • Slack
  • MailerLite
  • GetResponse
  • Campaign Monitor
  • ConvertKit
  • ReCaptcha V3
  • Custom Icon Libraries and more.

Whearas, WPBakery also integrates with 500+ plugins and 15+ page layouts.

WPbakery Vs. Elementor Lock-ins

The problem with any page builder is that a simple bug can ruin your entire website design. Not just a page builder, any plugin you install on your WordPress site adds some code and script to the website.

Some plugins leave cache after uninstalling them. These two plugins also leave behind scripts. However, Elementor is much better than WPbakery.

Even after you uninstall Elementor, your website’s basic layout will remain intact without leaving complicated coding behind. Your advanced designs will not be affected.

When you uninstall WPbakery, your entire website can become messed up. Your website will still contain shortcodes and JS code.

This will be impossible for you if there is a lot of text content to be scraped from that coding. Elementor is therefore a better option if you plan to change your design after the launch of your website.

WPBakery Vs Elementor: Price Comparison

The regular license for WPbakery is $56 from WPBakery Page Builder. Nevertheless, you can get an extended license for $299 for a single SaaS application.

WP Bakery price

Elementor comes with a free plan if you want to learn or make a basic website design. However, for serious web designers and website builders, they offer 4 plans. 

Elementor pricing plans

On the Essential package, you will miss out on its Website Kits feature. The other three packages will include this feature for various websites.

WPBakery Vs. Elementor: All Unique & Similar Features

Before I conclude, here is the summary table of all the features you get and miss on either of the plugins.

Unique featuresIntegrations, Interactions, Theme content, hotkeys, background features, and marketing toolsAuto Shortcode mapperMultilingual ready
Editing tools
Design tools
Premade templates
WooCommerce builder
Theme builder
Popup builder
Mobile editing tools
IntegrationsEmail marketing, CRM, social media, and other popular appsIntegrates with +500 add-ons and +15 predefined web page layouts
Free trialFree planFree trial with demo site on your own demo sandbox

Conclusion: WPbakery Vs Elementor: Which One Should You Get?

For many reasons, I prefer Elementor over WPbakery. First, you get a free plan that you can try before getting a pro plan. It costs less to start with Elementor Pro.

Whearars, WPbakery offers fewer features but much more at a lower price. Aside from the price, I like the user interface and flexibility. Also, WPbakery’s platform integrates DIVI builder and Elementor features. So it’s an interesting feature, but I like live editing more.

When editing something in Elementor, you have better control and confidence. Although WPbakery is close behind. However, as a winer of this comparison battle, my vote goes to Elementor.

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