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WPNotif Review (2022): SMS and WhatsApp Message Plugin for WordPress

When running an e-commerce business, trust is of the utmost importance. One of the best methods to gain the confidence of your customers is to keep in constant contact. To do this, you can either use email or SMS. SMS has higher conversion rates than email.

Nowadays, WhatsApp has taken over SMS as well. What if a solution could send alerts via direct SMS and WhatsApp?

Then let’s get introduced to WPNotif. It is an all-in-one solution for sending text alerts to your customers. What is more exciting, it is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

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WPNotif WordPress Plugin

What is WPNotif?

WPNotif is a WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate an SMS service and a WhatsApp business to send notifications and updates to users and administrators. This plugin will allow you to set up your SMS server or WhatsApp Business number and automatically send messages to your customers. If you choose both options, the plugin will allow you to send via SMS or WhatsApp.

Core Features of WPNotif WordPress Plugin

  • Multiple SMS gateways at the same time
  • Custom Order Status for WooCommerce
  • Notifications of new posts
  • WhatsApp Messages support
  • Send scheduled message newsletters
  • Instant Messages
  • Notifications via the mobile application
  • Notifications from Contact Forms
  • Compatibility with multiple vendors
  • Multilingual Messages Setup
  • Customized Placeholders
  • GDRP Compliant

WPNotif Review: Features Overview

Let’s take a look at what this plugin has to offer. Let’s start with the basics before moving on to more technical features.

You will find three options at the top of the page: Knowledge Base, Changelog, and Register.

WPNotif Register

WPNotif Register

Here, you can activate your registration key or deregister. Alternatively, if you want to use your registration key for a testing site, you should use the “Request Testing Site Addition” feature.


If you click on the Changelog Tab, you will be redirected to a new window. It is nothing more than an update notification for the tool. Here, you can see all updates and older versions of the tool.


You will be directed to a new page that contains documentation, FAQs, and support information for the WPNotif plugin.

WPNotif  GateWays

WPNotif  GateWays

The gateway can either be SMS or WhatsApp, or both. If you choose to use SMS, you will receive 164 integrated SMS gateways. You may also set your own custom gateway if you want.

SMS Gateway

WPNotif SMS Gateway

Let’s take a look at how to set it up with Twilio. You will need to enter your Account SID or Security Identifier, an Auth Token (API Token) from your Twillio Premium account, and the Sender ID, which must be a number since it does not allow names for the Sender ID. You can check whether the gateway is working by using the Testing Settings.

WhatsApp Gateway

WPNotif WhatsApp Gateway

Using this plugin, you can use WhatsApp Business for free, or integrate Twilio, MessageBird, Gupshup, or 360Dialog. To proceed, you will need to install the WhatsApp desktop application. Then, scan the QR code or copy the key for manual setup, as desired.


If your customers come from different countries, sending them a message in their native language will be more effective. Depending upon your needs, you may set up other Gateways to reduce costs for different countries.

Sending a unique message to each country’s customers can increase the best gateway’s delivery rate.

WPNotif Notifications

WPNotif Review (2022): SMS and WhatsApp Message Plugin for WordPress 1

You can set notifications for both customers and sellers in the notification tab. The seller will also receive an automated message when the buyer places an order on your website if you have a multi-vendor website.

However, even if you accept custom orders, the plugin is intelligent enough to track this and simultaneously send automatic messages to the customer and seller.

This plugin allows sending SMS messages upon registering or changing passwords. So it is compatible with customers and sellers alike.

WPNotif GDPR Compatibility

The user will have the option to choose whether or not they want to receive notifications. Additionally, they can select whether to accept the information via SMS or WhatsApp.

WPNotif Quick Notification

WPNotif Quick Notification

You can select any specific number to send customized messages on this tab. To deliver SMS, each number should be preceded by a country code.

WPNotif Newsletter

WPNotif Newsletter

From your previous SMS campaigns, you may create a group of users. Then, you can send different newsletters to different buyer groups or even sellers groups.

Whenever a new product is added to a category or something changes in the shopping section, you may want to notify your VIP buyers.

Additionally, if you need to modify a term in the future, you can inform your sellers in advance of the change using this plugin. Finally, sending Newsletters does not require an additional subscription.

WPNotif add newsletter

The only difference between this and a traditional newsletter is that it can be sent as an SMS message on a mobile device or via WhatsApp Message. It will also automatically add the country code, so you do not need to enter each number separately.

WPNotif Price

This plugin is available for 27$ per year with six months of developer support.

WPNotif Review: Final Verdict

When conducting business with a large multi-vendor eCommerce website, you cannot do everything manually. You must keep your customers informed if you want to gain their trust.

Depending on your requirements, you can either set up automated SMS through this plugin or set it up with a third-party service. A great feature of this plugin is that WhatsApp Business Integration is included for free. In addition, it is capable of handling notifications for your WooCommerce website.

WPNotif Review (2022): SMS and WhatsApp Message Plugin for WordPress 2

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