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Yoast Local SEO Review (Rank Your Business Site With Yoast Local SEO)

Get the world-class SEO plugin for your WordPress website. Yoast Local SEO plugin helps you optimize your content efficiently to ensure your business shows up in the local search results.

Yoast Local SEO Review: The Best Outstanding SEO Plugin

These days, most people conduct business online. There is a lot of information on various companies over the internet. When you want to locate a local business, you need to run an internet search.

Local SEO optimizes your site, so it shows up in local search results. If WordPress powers your website, you should opt for the Yoast Local SEO plugin.

Yoast Local SEO Review

Yoast Local SEO plugin for WordPress helps you make your web content more searchable and findable. This plugin makes it extremely easy to optimize your web post and page.

Yoast Local SEO also conducts real-time audits for new and existing content and gives suggestions on how to improve your SEO. This plugin is simple and consistently improves SEO on WordPress sites. Successfully optimized posts get the “happy” icon giving you clarity on your site’s performance.

Yoast Local SEO helps your enhance your contact page to draw online visitors to your site and provides Google with all the information it needs to make it easier to locate you in local search results.

Yoast Local SEO Review (Rank Your Business Site With Yoast Local SEO) 1

The plugin also makes it easier for you to add a store finder by optimizing your local SEO. You can also add contact information. Knowing whether your posts are SEO friendly helps you get closer to your target audience with more efficiency. Your posts also achieve higher rankings when you make use of this SEO plugin.

Yoast Local SEO Features

If you have a local business, considering the local ranking of your website is vital in ensuring you get a sales boost. Local optimization helps you surface in related search queries. Yoast Local SEO comes in handy in such a case. This plugin takes care of technical stuff like:

  • Generation of KML File and XML Sitemap generation needed for Google
  • Address output in Schema.org format
  • Shows opening hours (with Schema.org output)
  • Submitting all this technical data to Google
  • Showing Google maps on your website, including a route planner
  • CSV upload for multiple locations
  • Support for Multiple locations

How to Set Up Yoast Local SEO?

Setting up the Yoast Local Plugin is very easy. All you need to do is install the SEO plugin, activate your license, input all your business information & add the shortcode to your contact page. Yoast will then create a geo site map and KML file and submit them to Google for you. Just simple!

Yoast Local SEO configuration

What We Like

  • Yoast makes it easy to manage the title and page description.
  • The plugin’s score efficiently optimizes vital phrases and content.
  • It simplifies complicated topics such as canonical URLs, which is advantageous to non-technical users.
  • Yoast Local SEO helps evaluate the SEO score for any page content.
  • This plugin easily explains various options, including why you should use or not use an alternative.
  • Yoast has free training videos that make it easy for anyone eager to start optimizing their content.
  • When Yoast is installed, the plugin’s set up wizard makes your website more findable on a Google search.
  • Yoast Local SEO plugin helps you get a real-time audit and guides you on what you need to fix to optimize your content altogether.
  • Yoast Local SEO plugin is great at managing back-end functions in WordPress. The plugin efficiently handles things like XML sitemaps and schema.org markups.
  • This plugin’s active content checker is beneficial as it generates focus keyword reports and provides insights on contents.
  • It is easy to customize. You are allowed to choose whether you want a specific setting.
  • The plugin generally helps improve writing skills by identifying long sentences and passive tones.
  • The color codes for SEO analysis are simple to understand. Red indicates the need to fix the content. Orange is a warning, and green means your content is okay.
Yoast Local SEO green signal

What We Don’t Like

  • It is difficult for non-technical users to understand the features, especially if you are new to SEO.
  • The information on Yoast Local SEO features is too bulky and overwhelming to new users.
  • The plugin is costly, which is a limiting factor for some interested parties.
  • It is hard to make Yoast “happy” when trying to correct some errors on blog posts.
  • This WordPress Plugin’s web dashboard may be confusing at times. Uncovering which Lic is associated with which side may not be easy, especially for new users.
  • Yoast sometimes conflicts with other site optimization plugins causing the site to crash, especially when updates are mismatched. The plugin also tends to be resource-heavy, thus proving inefficient for developers seeking a lean WordPress install.
  • Many useful features are limited to the premium option.
  • This SEO plugin lacks tutorials and tips that can help you improve your scores.
  • This plugin does not consider formatting. Insisting that a post lacks enough transition words may be confusing, as adding more of those words would make the post read strangely.
  • At times, the Yoast Plugin may mark down scores due to passive voice assumptions even though it may not contain a passive voice.

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Yoast Local SEO Pricing

This plugin is reasonably priced. You can obtain Yoast Local SEO for your WordPress site for as little as $69 for the personal, Single Site option. You can alternatively go for the professional choice, which allows for up to five sites at an affordable $129.

Yoast Local SEO Price

Besides, if you are looking to use it on multiple sites, the premium choice, which goes for $249, is the best option. The premium price is fair because you do not have to worry about limitations. What’s more, you get value for your money, as its multiple features will help your business stand above the competition.

The Verdict Of Yoast SEO

Yoast Local SEO plugin for WordPress is recommended for those who own small businesses in multiple locations. The plugin also comes in handy when you are looking to show up higher than your competition and when you want to boost your sales. This SEO plugin helps you avoid paying pricey SEO professionals to optimize your website for local searches.

Yoast is incredibly easy to set up and guides you through the standard configuration options. Whether you have a technical or non-technical background, Yoast is very helpful as it simplifies the difficult to understand topics. Yoast offers free training to help new users understand better why the suggestions improve your search engine’s overall visibility. Yost local SEO training.

This WordPress plugin has unique features that are easy to grasp. The SEO plugin delivers what it promises. Yoast Local SEO plugin comes highly recommended for businesses with local clients looking to save on time and web designers.

Companies with an active web presence should be dedicated to SEO practices. This SEO plugin knows the standard rules and automatically scans your images and content to ensure they reflect the usual procedure.

Having Yoast Local SEO as your WordPress plugin is an efficient strategy. It is easy to set up, easy to manage, and will successfully optimize your posts, giving you powerful clarity. The benefits derived from this plugin far outweigh the price. Yoast Local SEO is the go-to plugin for WordPress users and for both small and large businesses looking to tackle SEO with confidence.

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